5 Million Americans Suffer From It, But It’s A Fake Disease That Was Created To Sell Pharmaceuticals

In today’s modern society, numerous people have difficulty concentrating on seemingly simple tasks. Difficulties with organization, memory, and tendency to become easily distracted are just some of them.

It is believed that workload for most Americans is the reason for these problems, however, people with low-stress jobs also experience these same issues at equally elevated rates.

According to CNN article, the main cause of these issues is ADD, pointing to the fact that 5 million female Americans suffer from it and it is even more common in men. However, the media ignored the most fundamental probing questions such as, what is the cause and the cure?

In fact, ADD is an easily correctable condition from which there exists no conclusive diagnostic testing. The truth is that it’s a diagnosis that is based on a collection of symptoms that naturally occur to lesser degrees within healthy people.

ADD (Attention deficit disorder) is similar to the case of restless leg syndrome, for which a new disease had to be created to sell a pharmaceutical that had no known benefit. They call it “science”, but the final diagnosis can be ADHD, bipolar disorder, or a whole list of other conditions, which are conveniently appearing at the same rate as the new pharmaceuticals to treat them.

The causes of attention deficit disorders

ADD may be caused by chemical poisoning combined with malnutrition in childhood. Therefore, ADD is often diagnosed soon after vaccinations, because vaccines are known to induce vitamin deficiencies.

The condition may also slowly develop for people who have poor diets. ADD appears to be a genetic disorder, for poor diet habits and family doctors are cross-generational. While most people do not have ADD, they nevertheless experience at least some of its symptoms routinely, due to horrible lifestyles and health.

Children are more likely to get diagnosed because the foods which are marketed to them are often loaded with chemicals, artificial flavors, refined sugars, have huge amounts of acids, and artificial sweeteners which greatly intensify their symptoms.

Artificial colors and several additives have been removed from children’s foods in England, due to their well-documented toxicity problems, while in the US, the FDA is running interference to keep the chemical companies protected.

Curing attention deficit disorder

The cure for attention deficit disorder requires major changes in diet. Sufferers have to reduce their overall exposure to toxins; like hand sanitizers, pharmaceuticals, processed meats, refined sugars, and other bleached white products, artificial flavors, artificial colors, trans fats such as margarine, and even tap water.

Getting healthy oils and avoiding processed fats is particularly important for those with attention deficit disorder symptoms. Soy, canola, and all hydrogenated oils should be avoided. Real butter is a healthy addition to the diet, as is coconut oil and olive oil.

Using the Budwig protocol’s mixture of flax seed oil and goat cheese is likely to have a dramatic effect on the concentration and it will eliminate some of the allergen sensitivities.

Beware of the new generation of drugs, especially the SSRI anti-depressants, which typically require that a user slowly be removed from them. The treatment drugs, at best, only suppress some of the ADD symptoms for a short period, before it is time to upgrade to a stronger dose, or to a stronger drug.

Changing the diet to an all-natural one (preferably organic), whilst eliminating processed foods will provide enormous assistance for ADD people, without the need for drugs; and it will furthermore greatly help with the patient’s overall long-term health.

There are also supplemental herbs that can help to reduce ADD symptoms. However, these should only be used in combination with the recommended dietary changes. Some of the best supplements you should consider using include Gotu Kola, Ginkgo Biloba, Guarana, and L-tyrosine (This may cause fatigue in some people).