The Ancient Remedy That “Cures All Diseases” (Cancer, Diabetes, STD’s, HIV, AIDS, Arthritis, And More

The black seed plant (Nigella Sativa) is incredibly beneficial and has a wide range of uses. However, this plant became popular over the last several years and has made its mark in the medicinal world. Namely, the black seed has the ability to stimulate the immune system and helps in the fight against numerous diseases and ailments, as well.

Cure for all diseases

In the Arab culture, the black seed was prescribed for many ailments including asthma, chronic headaches, fever, digestive problems, diabetes, infections, back pain and rheumatism. Since the rise of its popularity in the 7th century, the black seed has remained as so in today’s modern Arab world.

The black seeds also called Nigella sativa seeds, has over 100 components with an abundant source of proteins, fatty acids, vitamins, carbohydrates, and minerals. These seeds have anti-diabetic and anti-cancer properties. Also, they can be used to regulate the immune system, reduce pain, kill microorganisms, reduce inflammation, inhibit spasmodic activity, and open the tiny air passages in the lungs.

Black seed oil also helps protect the liver, the kidneys, and the stomach/digestive system. This article will review some of the recent studies that show how black cumin seed oil can benefit your health.

Black cumin seeds are highly ranked as a powerful herbal medicine

According to Saudi Arabia researchers, the benefits of utilizing black seeds (Nigella sativa) as a medicine is in the top position amongst herbal medicines. This high ranking is in part due to scientific evidence. There are therapeutic properties in this plant that are linked to thymoquinone – a major bioactive ingredient in the oil contained within the seeds and in black cumin seed oil.

Black seeds as an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory treatment

Scientific research provides clear evidence that the oil and its active ingredients, such as thymoquinone, have antioxidant effects. This is accomplished by enhancing the oxidant scavenger system, which has a detoxifying effect.

The oil and thymoquinone have very potent anti-inflammatory effects on several experimental models of inflammation. These include encephalomyelitis (inflammation of the brain and spinal cord after infection) colitis (inflammation of the colon), peritonitis (inflammation of the membrane which lines the inside of the abdomen and all of the internal organs), edema (the swelling of soft tissues as a result of excess fluid accumulation), and arthritis.

Black seed oil and its active ingredients also showed a beneficial ability in helping to regulate the immune system. It supported T-cell and natural killer cell-mediated immune activity. Black seed oil and its active ingredients also have antimicrobial and anti-tumor properties to different microbes and cancers.

Useful for treating obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease

Obesity is predominantly associated with an increased presence of cardiovascular diseases, cancer, insulin resistance, and immune dysfunction. Therefore, obesity-mitigation strategies should take into account these secondary pathologies in addition to promoting weight loss. Recent studies have shown that black cumin (Nigella sativa) has cardioprotective, anti-cancer, anti-diabetic, antioxidant, and immune-modulatory properties.

This oil has been used as cancer treatment for millennia

The anti-cancer properties of the black seed’s oil were confirmed by two separate studies in 2011(Chinese and Saudi Arabian).While reviewing the literature on the usage of black seed oil as a cancer treatment, they found out that this seed has been used as traditional cancer remedy.

Scientists can not completely understand how this seed heals cancer. It is suggested by some studies that the immune system is reinforced by the thymoquinone which has an antioxidant role. It is known for sure that it induces apoptosis in cancer cells, without compromising the immunity.

Black seeds oil is great for radiation treatment

People that are exposed to a radiation treatment for cancer, during and after the treatment, experience severe side effects. Because of the anti-cancer properties of the black cumin seed oil, in 2014, Turkish scientists performed a research in which they showed how this seed can help in the radiation treatment for cancer. The effects of the oil were explored on irradiated rats. First, they were exposed to a single dose of radiation.

One group received a gram of the oil an hour before radiation and was given 10 grams of the dose for the next 10 days. The other group received a saline solution. The control group was not exposed to a radiation. After analyzing the data, it was noted that black cumin seed oil can reduce the oxidative stress markers and has powerful antioxidant effects, increasing the antioxidant capacity in the liver tissues of rats.

An Indian study, conducted in 2012, confirmed that the black cumin seed has protective effects against radiation damage and biochemical alterations. Black cumin seed oil was given to normal and tumor-bearing mice before they were exposed to gamma radiation(100 mg. per 1 kg. of body weight). In both groups, this oil, because of its antioxidant properties, protected the brain, intestines, spleen, and liver from the harmful effects of the radiation.

This way, the black seed oil can improve the life of the human cancer patients who are receiving cancer radiation therapy because it will subdue the harmful effects of the radiation.

Balck seed oil kills liver & lung cancer cells

According to a study, conducted in 2013 in India, thymoquinone is very beneficial in the treatment of liver cancer and in the prevention of proliferation of cancer cells. Namely, experimental animals who were given water with thymoquinone had decreased tumor markers and did not develop new cancer nodules.

Moreover, Saudi Arabian scientists examined black seed oil on lung cancer cells and results showed that the population of the living cancer cells was considerably reduced and their cellular morphology was changed. It was also concluded that the greater concentration of the oil or extract increased the level of cell death. The cells changed and become smaller.

Black seeds useful for nasal dryness and nasal discomfort

Researchers in Turkey worked with elderly patients who had nasal dryness and related symptoms. They worked to compare effects utilizing black seed oil in the nasal pathways of the nose to the usage of a salt water solution. Researchers find that nasal obstruction, dryness, and crusting had improved with the usage of black seed oil rather than with the salt water treatment.

They note that there wasn’t any difference between the effect of black cumin seed oil and salt water on nasal itching and burning. Researchers say that the black seed oil is a great alternative in the treatment of nasal mucosal symptoms from aging.

These seeds were utilized in the Middle East for thousands of years, and it’s not so hard to see why this seed and oil is so popular in Western countries too.