People often eat banana especially when they are in a hurry and they need something to eat. Banana is easy and convenient to eat. There 5 banana varieties and each of it contains a bountiful nutritional value.

Cardaba bananas or “Saba” is one of the varieties of banana that originates in the Philippines and has an important role in different Filipino cuisines. It contains vitamin C, B and A, iron, calcium., potassium, protein, and dietary fiber.

Filipinos prefer to eat it cooked yet DMAM said that you can get the most out of its nutrients and vitamins when you eat it raw.

5 Health Benefits of Saba Banana (Cardaba bananas)

1. Regulates body circulatory system – This banana is rich in potassium that is responsible for delivering oxygen to the brain, regulates the heartbeat, and increase body pH which is the work of the circulatory system. It is also recommended in preventing strokes, lowering blood pressure, and promotes the overall health of the circulatory system.

2. A significant source of vitamins and nutrients – Eating at least 2 bananas every day will help you regain energy after a tiring work. No need of caffeine to wake you up.

3. Treat constipation – This banana is rich in fiber that helps stop constipation without having diarrhea.

4. Eliminates hangover – It is good for people who have a hangover. Its vitamin and nutrient content helps recharge the body and reduce hangover.

5. Helps in quitting smoke – Its vitamin B and mineral content help to reduce the effect of nicotine in the body that enable you to stop from smoking. Its B6 content also helps pregnant women and reduce menstrual pain.

6. Ulcer – Banana helps treat the ulcer and lower the acidity in the stomach. It promotes an overall digestive health. It is a natural antiacid that treats heartburn and acid reflux.