These Amazing 10 Foods Are the Best for Cancer Cell Death!

Out immunity has enzymes, proteins and all of them work together to kill cancer. And also the immunity can kill cancer cells if it is strong.

Depends on the diet, cancer growth and more if this can be cured or not.

Here you can read about the best foods to kill cancer and tumor growth, while you boost the immunity.

Studies said that chemo damages healthy cells not just sick cells, so the healthy cells release protein that makes survival of cancer. Experts say that chemo makes cancer cells bond to next to them tumors and thus cancer grows more and more, so therapy is useless. But, the regular cancer treating can be worse than the right foods.

The journal Science Translational Medicine made a study where it was said that the molecule TIC10 works up the protein that aids in cancer curing. Also this protein is named TRAIL or tumor-necrosis-factor-related-apoptosis, also the ligand and this inhibits tumors. Also this crosses the blood brain link. The main blood flow system separates from the brain with this link.

Unlike regular cancer curing, this protein passes the barrier due to the good immunity system.

Even more the TIC10 makes TRAIL active and its genes in cancer cells and both healthy ones. This means some healthy cells near the cancer cells also get killed but the tumors stops growing.

The best 10 super foods for killing cancer and removing tumors:


 This is the famous India spice used everywhere. The active item here is the curcuma and is the best antioxidant inside. Such antioxidants are healthy and healing. A study in Munich claimed that curcuma stops metastases. This item fights oxidation and inflammation. Also, James A. Duke, ethnobotanist made a summary of more than 700 studies on turmeric. All confirmed that turmeric is better than meds for illnesses and has no side effects.

Resveratrol and grapes

 The red grapes are good antioxidants and have phenolic items called resveratrol. Also, this item is anti-mutagen and antioxidant too so it stops oxidation damage. This item also stops more tumors and causes their necrosis activating the necrosis factor alpha TNF-A and the nitric oxide. If an infection makes chronic overproducing of nitric oxide and TNF-A so it might make liver damage. Also the resveratrol inhibits the cyclooxygenase CoX-2, and this is linked to abdomen/intestine abnormal growths and cancer. The resveratrol is shown like natural Cox-2 inhibitor that lowers the risk of pre-cancer tumors. As you see the red grapes have this amazing item that cures cancer. Eat organic grape  and grape juice every day.

Sea veggies

 The chronic oxidation stress and inflammation lead to cancer and natural foods might prevent his and even reverse it, together with the inflammation. One such food is sea veggies. Some of the best are nori, kombu, wakame, kelp, arame and hijiki. They are healthy and cure cancer since they have bio-iodine, magnesium, calcium and iron. Experts have found that they are antioxidants and fight inflammation, thus colon cancer risk is reduced and other types too. Eat them regularly and lower risk of breast cancer too.

Crucifer veggies

 These have many minerals, vitamins and chemicals called glucosinolates that fight cancer. Some are broccoli, kale, arugula, cauliflower, cabbage, turnips and collard greens. They have vitamins K, E, C, carotenoid lutein, beta carotene, zeaxanthin, folate and minerals. Also they have bio items like isothiocyanates, indoles, nitriles and thiocyanates. They prevent cancer and fight the DNA damage, carcinogens, suppress tumor blood vessel forming and tumor migration while they boost cancer death speed.

Spirulina and chlorella

 A south Korean study said this item has carotenoids that prevent cancer. Experts said that the violaxanthin is the main carotenoid here and is seen in C. ellipsoidea, and the lutein is the main carotenoid in the C. vulgaris. Also the semi pure extracts were tested of these items in cancer fighting. The results were amazing, so cancer cells stopped multiplying. Also the chlorophyll made the bad effects neutral due to pollution and toxins. This makes more oxygen flow to every cell, tissue, organs and cancer cannot survive around oxygen. Also this item is anti-mutagen and it lower the cancer binding to DNA. The Spirulina boosts immunity and gives you vitamins B, K, E and fatty acids, iron, magnesium and beta carotene. The amino acids regulate the blood sugar, make better mental work, give vitality and energy. Also the selenium spirulina stops breast cancer.

Green tea

 The catechins and flavonoids in this tea are the best here. Experts are interested in the main catechin named epigallocatechin-3-O-gallate EGCG. The group of experts in South Korea made a study where it was said the catechin meddles with the pro-inflammation chemicals that bind with smooth muscles in the vascular system. This way the TNF is blocked. The Chonbuk National University Medical Sch