Healthy Food Products For A Healthy Brain And Bright Memory!

Are you forgetful? Do you forget the birthdays, anniversaries of your close friends and family? Do you forget your chores?

Being forgetful is a normal part of every person life. With the age it comes the forgetfulness as well. However, if the forgetfulness starts at a young age especially with children then there is something more serious. Luckily, this can be prevented with the usage of the following food products. With these products you will be able to be brighter and obtain excellent memory. Here they are:


Rosemary it is consisted of arnosic acid. This acid gives protection to the brain. Due to its characteristics you will be able to stop the appearance of brain problems and illnesses such as: Alzheimer’s. Rosemary is so powerful that it will increase the power of your memory and you will not have any problems with forgetfulness anymore.


Avocado has amazing and very healthy nutrients. It is filled with magnesium, iron, vitamins such as: A, E, B, D etc. Thanks to these nutrients the avocado stops the appearance of different diseases. With avocado the oxygen goes into the brain freely without any obstacles. Due to this reason the brain will stay protected and your memory will get only better and better.


Mackerel, trout, and salmon are some of types of fish that are consisted of a lot of oil. This oil helps in keeping the brain fresh and healthy. The main reason why fish are so good is because they have plenty of omega-3 fatty acids or the so called DHA (Docosahexaenoic acid). These acids help both the brain and heart work.


Apple is a delicious, healthy type of fruit. The best way of eating the apple is without taking its peel off. The reason for this is that the apple skin is consisted of a high level of quercetin. Quercetin is an antioxidant that helps in eliminating and stopping the signs of Alzheimer’s. If you want a bright memory and healthy brain, then it is better if you consume red apple instead of green apple. The red apples are consisted of anthocyanin. This will keep your memory in great shape.


If we ask any person what is his/her favorite candy, probably most of them will say chocolate. Well, they are right in loving chocolate since it is an excellent product for keeping the health of the brain and its memory. Especially dark chocolates are great because they are consisted of many different antioxidants. The dark chocolate is great for the brain and heart and milk chocolates are excellent for the concentration and memory of people.


Blueberries are part of the family of berries. These type of fruits are known for being filled with antioxidants. The antioxidants protect the brain from any damage and appearance of oxidative stress. Blueberries will definitely make better the cognitive functions of people such as thinking logically, bringing difficult decisions and it will make you understand things better and clearer. Plus, the neurons inside the brain will have an improved connection.

All of these healthy, natural products offer a two-way help for you: healthy brain and excellent memory.